Dark matter

Dark matter

The simplest and most compelling explanation of the missing mass in the Universe is in terms of particle dark matter. There are many different well motivated dark matter candidates in models of physics beyond the standard model. Examples include axions, which are predicted by dynamic solutions to the strong CP problem, weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs) which naturally occur in supersymmetry or any model with an unbroken (discrete) symmetry, keV sterile neutrinos, asymmetric dark matter to name a few. WIMP dark matter is currently the most popular dark matter candidate, but other dark matter candidates have been considered more seriously in recent years because of the absence of a signal of WIMP dark matter.

My research interest lies both in the area of WIMP dark matter and how to avoid current constraints and other dark matter models such as keV sterile neutrinos.

Dr Michael A Schmidt
Senior Lecturer of Theoretical Particle Physics

Michael’s research interests include neutrino physics, dark matter, flavour physics and in general physics beyond the Standard Model.