A systematic approach to neutrino masses and their phenomenology

Searches for charged lepton flavour violation at colliders

Searches for charged lepton flavour violation at colliders

Neutrino masses

The Standard Model predicts neutrinos to be massless. However the observation of neutrino oscillations clearly established that neutrinos are massive. In the last 20 years there has been a tremendous experimental progress. From the first discovery neutrino oscillations experiments are making precision measurements of the leptonic mixing parameters and the neutrino mass squared differences. I have worked on different aspects of neutrino physics including model building and phenomenology of neutrino mass models, models of flavour in the lepton sector and quantum corrections.

Theory review of flavour models and CPV

A connection between neutrino mass and the recent B physics anomalies

From the trees to the forest: the search for the origin of neutrino mass

Reconsidering the one leptoquark solution: Flavor anomalies and neutrino mass

From the trees to the forest: a review of radiative neutrino mass models

A plausible explanation for the lightness of neutrino masses is that neutrinos are massless at tree level, with their mass (typically Majorana) being generated radiatively at one or more loops. The new couplings, together with the suppression coming …

Reconsidering the One Leptoquark solution: flavor anomalies and neutrino mass

We reconsider a model introducing a scalar leptoquark ϕ∼(3,1,−1/3) to explain recent deviations from the standard model in semileptonic B decays. The leptoquark can accommodate the persistent tension in the decays B¯→D(∗)τν¯ as long as its mass is …